Skin Care and Facial Treatments

Rejuvenating Facial


All of my treatments are called customized as I pick and choose the right products from many lines that I use. From Glycolic, to 24K Gold masques and Gels that will help lift the jawline for days. Call for your appointment today!

Age Defying Facial


Life is stressful, and stress can leave unsettling marks on your skin. With this service I will hydrate and remove impurities that will return your skin to smooth and silky.  Roseacea, impurities, white heads. 

X08 Placenta Stem Cell Mask

24K Gold Serum enhance circulation, hydrates, and fights free radical damage. Be bright and reverse damage! 

Advanced Skin Treatments


Micro-current, Oxygen Treatments, Radio Frequency all are designed to Infuse specialized ingredients deeper into the skin where cell renewal takes place. Plasma Plamere Fibroblast- Treats pigmentation and deeper lines or scars for smoother appearance. Promotes Collagen and tone without surgery. Minimal down-time

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I will continue to find the best solution for all of your skin care needs as it has been my life long desire to find the best technology and products to suit everyone's life style, Denise Nahat