Pumpkin, Apple Wine & SWiCH

Fall peels and Enzyme are very popular as the season begins, as they say  it’s “PUMPKIN TIME”!

I use a method from Rhonda Allison skin care, and I just enjoy using the Apple Wine Peeling solution to give the pumpkin a little boost. It has a peeling affect, as some of us don’t like to peel after a treatment -A normal time frame is about six days of sloughing. With that in mind, however, we all want smooth, soft, firmer tissue. And that is what will happen. Along with a more awake & clear looking skin! This treatment is a superb treatment for those starting fall off after having fun in the sun! You can still do all of your daily activities as long as sun screen is the first thing you do after shower. Makeup can be applied. Call for details and plan 75-90 minutes. As I will give you instructions and products to continue your process.
For those who don’t like to slough, or peel after a treatment their is a solution. I have been doing this for a long time and find the treatments to be as effective, as the Apple Pumpkin Wine Peel. This is a treatment called “SWICH”, from Circadia, as in a switch from your traditional peels. NO DOWN TIME- and I really like to do these treatments. I recommend having three to six of these treatments depending on your situation and what your outcome may be. Everyone is different, so after your first treatment I can discuss with you the next steps. After having your three treatments, I offer an Enzyme wrap two weeks after, and that is a complementary treatment, it helps to finish the results of the SWICH peel.  (approx. 50 minutes) Refinement of the pores, pigmentation lightening, firmness of the tissue, fine lines seem to be finer or gone! Now we all want that. Granted nothing is permanent, however, when getting these types of treatments we prolong what everyone wants and needs. Confirmation that they still look their very best no matter what your situation or age may be. That’s between you and your Esthetician (ME).  
For maintaining the bright clear complexion, for combination or oily type skins there is the OXYGEN RX treatment, light foam of mixture is blended together to get a slight tingling sensation that creates an environment of antibacterial agents,  when massaged and  sprayed with the solution to activate the oxygen mixture it continues to work it’s magic.  Warm compresses are used to remove this mixture as it adheres to the surface. Your skin looks radiant and clear from blemishes, and continues for several days after.  Our teens and adults with breakouts have seen significant changes in their skin after the OXYGEN RX.  
Depending on your skin and needs I may continue this treatment with my LED light panel- Works magic for clearing acne, lightening the complexion, or if you have a desire to relieve pain in your knee! It’s bright and mighty at the same time!  
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