Dermal Infusion

Everyone has asked me about Dermal Needling or Micro-needling, I call it Dermal Infusion as to not scare you using the term “needles”.

It is a technique used today in Esthetics or doctors office to infuse certain serums or ampules of liquid into the skin, as it gives the skin little tiny pricks so the solution is easier to penetrate for better absorption.(minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure) Which means, simply that with the little insertion of the needles (cartridge of 12 very small) it creates a stimulation of the skin barrier as to wake up the collagen dormant under the tissue. When this wake up call starts working the tissue, it creates more collagen to boost up the skin. I use Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid serums, and or collagen. I can choose many modalities to use after Dermal Infusion treatments to heal quickly and promote a clean and bacteria free surface.  All skin types can benefit from Dermal Infusion, as it improves the overall texture and tone of even the most sensitive of skin. There are exceptions, and a consultation is recommended if you haven’t seen Denise for treatments before. How many will you need? That can be discussed with me during your appointment.

Your skin is plump and red when finished, and will be red for about a day. Afterwards, you may experience slight peeling in some areas worked on. But, with proper instructions and home care, your skin will be radiant in a day and continue to improve for days after. For fees and times available, call Imagery for any questions or concerns.

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